Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday morning coffee at a sidewalk cafe in Hawaii

I've been jonesing for good, strong coffee at a sidewalk cafe for awhile.  No idea why.  We have had a weekend habit of pizza and Bloody Marys that I didn't want to sacrifice for the cafe coffee fix and weekdays I leave WAY too early for work/school.  Finally, today seemed perfect.  We had the pizza/Bloody Mary combo for brunch on Saturday as Rick returned from his boat and today he wasn't leaving to sail until noon-ish.  We walked to Zia's in Kailua - about a block from where we live.  They are a small Italian restaurant with two micro tables inside so most of the dining area is on the sidewalk surrounding it.  They do breakfast on weekends and have Illy coffee.  That, alone, would have cured my ills.  Their breakfast menu is fantastic, as well.  We shared a breakfast sandwich that was a flavor explosion.  My new favorite taste combination is pesto and bacon.  We talked, drank coffee, shared a leisurely meal, had some more coffee -- all on the sidewalk with a soft, warm breeze.  I may have created a monster memory that will demand to be fed regularly.

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Top 10 favorite things about Hawaii weather

10.  worst thing that ever happens is I might get raine o and it's not even cold most of the time

9.  the hoodie in my bag is for the office/bus air conditioing 50 weeks of the year

8.  the hoodie in my bag is my winter coat for 2 weeks of the year

7.  the wind powers kites without ripping them to shreds

6.  most common natural hazard is monthly influx of box jellyfish on beach following full moon

5.  surf report on the evening newscast, complete with estimated swells for various beaches

4.  winter boots, school shoes, dress shoes, recreational footwear all = slippers (flip flops)

3.  mild enough (temps + wind) for breakfast, lunch, pau hana and dinner outside all on the same day

2.  mosquitoes fairly unobtrusive and easily avoided without need for napalm

1.  I am in it!

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

A year in paradise

I started this blog a year ago when we moved to Hawaii. I wanted to use it to keep in touch with family and friends on the mainland as we began our new adventure. It quickly became obvious that photos were needed. There are so many things here that are completely different from what I had experienced in 50+ years on the mainland, I felt that I couldn't do them justice without visual aids.

Now that I have experienced a full year here, the purpose of this blog is changing. I'll post events and activities as Rick and I experience them, but I do not know how frequently that will be. I don't want to repeat earlier posts and, honestly, we are doing a lot of the same things: sailing, studying and enjoying just living on this wonderful island.

I am continuing to tell everyone how wonderful Hawaii is as part of the Hawaii Vacation Blog on Although the name is similar, it is a local travel agency that existed before I began this blog last year.
Hawaii Vacation Blog

For news about how Rick and I are doing in Hawaii, check out my posts on It is great for quick info and crazy easy to use for posting to Facebook and Twitter.
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The Lynx

It looks like a pirate ship is hanging out in Honolulu. The Lynx came across as part of the Transpacific Yacht Race a week ago. It is a replica, built to the specifications of an 1812 privateer.We went on board to check it out yesterday.Lynx is a sail training and teaching ship.Rick is going on an afternoon sail on the Lynx today. He hopes they will let him fire the canons, or at least ring the bell.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Kailua July 4 Parade

Kailua has a great July 4 parade. It lasted almost an hour and a half and included all the elements of a small town parade anywhere: marching bands, horses, politicians and youth groups. There were also some things unique to the island, like a church float with hula dancers. I have way too many pictures to post, but here is a quick tour.

Getting a good spot.

Parades never start on time.

Underway at last! (Keep an eye on the house behind.)

Media attention for politicians and war heroes.

Parade marshal: Wally (formerly Famous) Amos, who lives and has a store in Kailua. His helpers handed out coupons for free cookies!

Favorite parade hand-out: freezie pops!

Getting photos of the Royal Hawaiian Band.

Fraternal organizations in costume.

Champion cheerleaders!

Wacky weather people.

Local organic grocer had a dancing cow. By this time next year, Whole Foods may have Kailua store open, which will be direct competition.

First time I've seen Scientologists march in a parade.
One church had patriotic hula dancers.

Participants and on-lookers interact.

Big cheers for the Kailua High School Alumni Association.

Hot car.

Hot dog.

Hot chicks.

Patriotic tunes from bagpipes.

Near the end of the parade there were two HUGE trucks: dancers on one and an entire live band on the other.

It was a private company with the biggest presence in the parade.

Fire department ends the parade. After hours in the hot sun, people walk alongside the fire engines to depart.

Stealth shaka.

Parade pau (at noon).

On to the fireworks!